I seek to approach certain problems that, to some extent, tell us about states of mind -determined by sociopolitical systems, which have an impact on the individual's performance and their "we have to do it" (Han); and, consequently, how this individual starts to acquire rigid forms of adaptation in order to fit in different contexts and situations. This, at the same time, affects the individuals' emotional states and the energies that comprise them (Nietzsche).
From this perspective, it is my intention to state through my practice that our outer observation to things and phenomena, as well as our access to knowledge, whether it is an object, a place, or an individual, is being moderated and affected. Because of this, my research deals with how diverse optical devices (with socially-established functions) as our retina, a crystal or glass, among other materials, play such an important role in what we see and how we make a visual reception, often poorly and ambiguous, of the world. 
This insistence has resulted in a series of images that work as potential containers of information cross-layers, where it is possible to see a variety of forms, lights, stains, errors, and traces of a multiplicity of subject-objects. Its exhibition proposal reconfigures the materials, its approach to the idea of space and the distance from which we look at the object, from where the photographic images have been collected. 
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