While in constant effort to understand the perceivable through the senses, this work revolves around the observation of the glass as a layer that isolates us from the outside world. The glass as a transparent material, as invisible as absent, becomes a container of matter, spaces, volumes, shapes and forms that tell us about another reality with a potential existence.
Although apparently pointless, the search turns out to be exhaustive, and it is here where pleasure is to be found: it becomes the desired enjoyment in rummaging, digging and making visible what was thought to be ignored. It is a new birth.
Looking where one could only see becomes a personal pleasure and the reason to pursue those microscopical truths. We stand in front of layers of glass, we face our windows, but we do not see them; looking outside is posing us the problem of our inability: we are not observing, we are not watching. We are only seeing.
See, Watch, Observe invites us to question the material and its transparency: it is through its absence that it becomes more opaque, it is through its absence that we can see it more clearly. 
We witness what the material contains and all the possible worlds that this crystal object has to offer us on its surface as though the discovery of other truths became a joy to the eye.
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