Our work alludes to the combustion time of the fuels present in a fire, event which shows itself as a historically recurrent conflict in the city of Valparaiso. Through long-exposure photographs, we suggest a reinterpretation of the catastrophe from our own collective mind, seeking to engage them in dialogue with the inhabitants' memory, the fire as a destructive event, and its aesthetic contemplation of light and colour.
As consequence of the previous reflection, a short video gave us room to criticize the status quo of this place. Why has this place suffered continuously and for centuries the power of fire? And how have the governments reacted to such a devastating event? What is the reaction of the people towards it? 
The following video invites the viewers to think about this problem critically from a political perspective.
Woman in video:
"Apart from focusing on the town centre -because that's the only thing he's worried about (alluding to Valparaiso's mayor): only because there are lots of tourists, because foreigners come to visit Valparaiso. But, why does he ignore us who live in the hills?"
Find more about Amaury's work: https://www.instagram.com/amaurysepulveda/
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