David (1986) lives and works in Dalian, China.
He currently holds a BA in education from Universidad Andres Bello and a PgD in neuropsychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica. He starts his photography studies at Instituto Profesional Arcos in 2016, however, after a year, David abandons photography education to pursue an MFA in Photography Research and Creation at Universidad Finis Terrae, degree which he earned early in 2019.
The topics present in his work have a direct relationship with problems of sociopolitical impact, such as society burnout and the interpretations of an individual’s face as the result of established capitalist systems in society. He also tends to conflicts related to the effects of pollution in nature, and, therefore, in humans.
He uses a variety of techniques and resources, which range from audio, chemicals to intervene in the photographic paper, the manipulation of digital files, and site-specific installation/intervention.
He has a deep fascination for the works of JMW Turner, Rainer Krause, Nancy Burson, Xavier Ribas, Rosângela Rennó, and Zach Blas, among many others.
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